Dr. Leslie Mesen

Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Leslie Mesen is a leader in the field of Anti-Aging Medicine in Latin America. Like so many in his profession, he grew up as the son of medical professionals. His father a medical doctor and his mother a medical professional and PhD. Literally from day one, Dr. Mesen saw both the good and the bad of modern medicine. Dr. Mesen led a normal childhood, but always was intrigued by why people grow old. He often reflects asking why do people get old? How does the aging process work? These questions, as with many, remained in the back of his mind through life, medical school, to where he is today, concentrating his practice in the field of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Dr. Mesen practices Anti-Aging Medicine in a unique way. He does not talk down to his patients and takes the time to listen to their needs in order to thoroughly understand their specific situation.

A first consultation with Dr. Mesen is uncommon to many foreigners or newcomers to anti-aging. Patients who have lived their whole lives within the experience of the typical medical establishment in the United States and Canada are surprised at the individualized attention and care they receive from Dr. Mesen. Many, who are used to revolving-door medicine practices, find Dr. Mesen’s approach refreshing and feel that finally someone is listening to them and not rushing them out the door to get to the next patient.

Dr. Mesen is thorough.  Almost all his patients receive a thorough blood panel with more tests performed than most have received in their lifetime. Then, he listens, asks questions, and works with each patient’s needs and works on a solution to improve their quality of life.

Dr. Mesen received his medical training in Costa Rica at Universidad de Iberoamerica (UNIBE), one of Costa Rica’s leading universities specializing in the health sciences. He did his Emergency Room Fellowship at the University of Miami Jackson Memorial Hospital, and is perfectly fluent in English and Spanish. He receives continuing education courses in the United States and Latin America. Dr. Mesen is board certified in Anti-Aging Medicine by The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, established in 1992, and representing 26,000 physicians and scientists worldwide.

  • Chief Medical Officer of Three Anti-Aging Institutes
  • Costagenics Age Management program: 2007-2010
  • Anti-Aging Institute of the Americas: 2010-2013

And presently in his most ambitious effort, establishing the Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic in a new state of the art clinic located in the trendy, upscale suburb of Escazu, in Costa Rica’s largest city – San Jose. The newly constructed clinic is by far Dr. Mesen’s most bold statement to date, providing more room for research and more space to expand his offerings at helping all of us to live younger, longer.